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Alba Contreras Rodriguez, Executive Coach, Teams Coach at Focus on Solution



• How can you become a more empathetic leader?

• Are you overusing your strengths?

• Are you in a transition and don’t know where to start, how to fit iN?

• Does your team have a clear purpose?

• Do you have a high-power team, but not reaching the goals?

• Does your team lack cohesion?


Automotive • Banking • Construction • Financial Services
Food • Healthcare • Manufacturing • Retail • Technology • Utilities

Alba Contreras Rodriguez at FONS (Focus on Solution), LLC has supported clients across most industries, serving as a thought, accountability partner, and sounding board.

In her own words, “My purpose is to help and enable leaders and teams to recognize and achieve their highest potential to better serve and add value to their stakeholders. I do know and understand their responsibility, and how it feels to be in their shoes”

Automotive • Banking • Construction
Financial Services • Food • Healthcare  Manufacturing • Retail
Technology • Utilities

Alba Contreras Rodriguez at Focus on Solution successfully works with many different businesses


Through partnering and support, clients have delivered significant results and value to their stakeholders, teams, companies, and communities. It is what we call the ripple effect of influence and impact.

“Alba’s support and direct feedback really helped limit my stress during adapting to a new role and working in the new normal of a global pandemic.” 

~Healthcare President and Regional Leader

“It is without reservation that I endorse the professional coaching delivered by Ms. Alba Contreras Rodriguez. But don’t let that approachable personality and easy smile fool you. With her many years of relevant industry experience and human insight that pierces personality defenses, her inventory of probing and at times discomfort-invoking questions seems endless. However, if you are ready to explore methods to improve your leadership effectiveness and perhaps even self-awareness, then sessions with Alba are in order. A fitting analogy is mountain climbing. No one would consider trying to reach the summit of Everest without Sherpa guides. While hopefully not as physically demanding, some points of your professional journey are nonetheless best not attempted alone.” 

~Vice President, Automotive OEM

“I was in something of a career rut when I retained Alba Contreras Rodriguez as my executive coach. While I had achieved career success by any objective measure, I was not in a good place mentally and wasn’t sure I had what it takes to continue to succeed—and thrive—in my career. Then I met Alba. Alba is a wonderful combination of executive coach, life coach, cheerleader, and dot-connector. She helped me understand the root causes of my rut—which boiled down to an immobilizing lack of self-confidence and a heavy dose of perfectionism. Alba’s thoughtful insights (she’s amazing at making connections I didn’t see), her recommendations for reading and self-work, her warmth and authenticity, and her encouragement helped me to see very clearly that I do indeed have what it takes to succeed and thrive. I can’t thank Alba enough for leading me through this coaching experience, and for giving me the tools, the resources, and the mindset I needed to unleash my inner warrior spirit. Alba helped me restore my passion, energy and drive to help change the world for the better—in a way that only I am uniquely situated to deliver. Thank you, Alba!”

~Energy Industry Vice President

Services are tailored to the goals and challenges of the individual, teams, and their ecosystem.

Engaging as a thought-accountability partner with the leader and stakeholders to set goals, identify measures of success, and co-create a coaching action plan for achieving them. Alba’s clients trust her as a sounding board to build greater self-awareness and develop new approaches to be more effective leaders through reflection, experimentation, and action.

Alba Contreras Rodriguez at Focus On Solution will partner with you to co-design and structure the team coaching program to build a roadmap for the team’s journey based on data collected from the team and the stakeholders. Bringing strategies and best practices through workshops and during business as usual meetings to help the team collaborate well, navigate conflict constructively, and align behind a clear focus and purpose ensures adding value to the organization.

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Alba Contreras Rodriguez at FONS, LLC (Focus On Solution)

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